We know almost everything about adhesives...

Our experienced technical advisors will willingly share their knowledge - they have done it for many years. They have advised how and what type of adhesive should be used to bond such materials like HPL laminates, laminated boards, PCV edging, sheet metal, cork, foam, foamed polystyrene, carpet and others.

We are aware that our adhesives - STA-PUT and SPRAY-KON in aerosols and pressurised canisters - changed the approach to a bonding process in hundreds of big and small polish companies. It is a change for the better.

Portable system provides:
- almost odourless adhesive
- the time of solvent's evaporation is only 2 minutes
- the elements can be bond even up to 1 hour after the application of the adhesive
- possibility of very precise application of the adhesive (low-pressure stream of 2-20 cm width)
- the usage of the adhesive in 100% - pressurised canisters prevent the adhesive from drying up
- the gun, which doesn't need to be cleaned - it is always ready to use


May the Christmas spirit be with you and your family...

23.12 - Happy Holidays
As the holiday season approaches, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued partnership...

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